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RDMI Workshop: Impact on Science

Research Data Management Implementation (RDMI) is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in collaboration with the Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation (CASC).

Since the last NSF funded Research Data Management Implementation workshop (RDMI) in 2013, there have been many funded projects, research communities and organizations discussing and developing tools and services related to RDMI.

The RDMI is designed to focus on implementations of solutions for managing the storage of research data and encourage open discussion of available strategies for data management in specific fields based on actual case studies. The RDMI workshop will bring together research computing communities, funding agencies, and leading experts in data management to reflect on what has been accomplished to date related to data management, share achievements and opportunities for further contributions moving forward. While there are research groups and scientific communities that have made investments in RDMI and greatly benefitted from their use, many researchers, however, still face a number of challenges understanding what constitute the appropriate RDMI, what is required and the impact and value RDMI have had on science. These challenges are also driven by the increasing size, complexity, and velocity of data from research instruments, observations, experiments, and simulations that need to be managed and preserved.

Organizing Committee

  • Hakizumwami Birali Runesha, Assistant VP, Director Research Computing Center, University of Chicago (Committee Chair)
  • Thomas Furlani, Director, Center for Computational Research, University of Buffalo
  • Ruth Marinshaw, Chief Technology Officer – Research Computing, Stanford University
  • Benjamin P Rogers, Director of Research Services and Associate Director for Informatics Services, University of Iowa
  • Wendy A Kozlowski, Cornell University Library
  • Rachel Vincent-Finley, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Sciences and Engineering, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Southern University and A & M College

Workshop Planning Team

  • Kimberly Grasch, University of Chicago
  • Lisa Arafune, CASC

We had invited submission of position and experience papers that describe implementations of discipline-based data management infrastructure and services, and the ways in which those solutions leverage resources within and outside their institutions. The workshop will also engage participants in a discussion of how a coordinated effort among research computing centers may accelerate the implementation of effective research data management workflows, and contribute to national efforts and initiatives.

Watch RDMI Workshop 2017: Recorded Webcast

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